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Sunday, 20 May 2018

My Sunday Photo... Peepo

This is cheeky Winnie, hiding in the flower border. 
She was just checking if I had any treats before blowing her cover! 
I never knew that chickens had such different characteristics and personalities.
There's never a dull moment.
I also couldn't resist showing you this gorgeous bumble bee.
I saw him on the ground (I've read that if you see a bee on the ground, it's probably in need of help) 
I put some water near him and then lifted him only my strawberry flowers. 
At first, he didn't do well... and virtually fell off the flower, but slowly as I transferred him from flower to flower he improved.
Finally, he flew off... hopefully home.

I've also taken 11 (what I think are drones) out of our house over the last few days.
That's what happens when you leave the door to the garden open.
I just hope that they haven't settled in here somewhere.
My hubby wants to start beekeeping at some stage... but I think I'm already doing my bit!
Have fun this Sunday.
Apologies if I never visited you last week. 
I'll try to do better this coming week.
I'm linking up with Photalife with My Sunday Photo as usual.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Paint Party Friday... How Now Brown Cow

I haven't been partying with the PPF gang lately, but I thought it was time to get my act together and link up. 
I've been very busy, but I have managed to produce some art.
This highland cow has been evolving for quite some time now.
He/she has highlights, so I thought he/she should join in the Paint Party Friday too.
It's a practice piece before I start a serious commission.
I've bought new paints and been having a great time getting to know them.
I've had music blasting out and dancing whilst splashing about with a paintbrush. 
It's been very liberating! 
I've also been working away on my @Makeartthatsells assignment.
We are currently completing the final month of Bootcamp.
I will really be sorry to finish this class.
I think I'll be signing up for more, as there are lots to chose from throughout the year.

The sketch below was a personal one.
It's 'Ernest' my Great Granddad who was born in 1867.
As I sketched, I was lost in my thoughts about my family and it's history... 
a little like 'Who Do You Think You Are?'
For those who might not be familiar with that tv programme... it's where a celebrity traces their family roots back through the years.
I find it fascinating.
I also thought I'd use this sketch to practice my very weak lettering.
I fear now that I've plastered poor 'Ernest' on a 'WANTED' poster!
One fact that I did come across from my research notes, was that he was a 'Tole Dealer'
I had no idea what this might be... so after more delving, I found that it involves ornately decorated trays or chandeliers etc!
Who knew?
How strange especially after painting precisely that in last months assignment. 
Who knows, Ernest might have been a painter too!
I had many thoughts on how his life might had been back then. 
He actually married Mary, the daughter of a Scottish farmer, when they were both 31 years old.
I'm thinking that this was rather old for marriage back then.
Maybe that's why he is wearing a tartan tie... to impress Mary?
I also wonder why this photo was taken... was it for some special occasion?
I haven't done much lettering, but now I know that I've obviously got a lot more practising to do!
Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll join my over at the Paint Party Friday.
Eva and Kristin do an amazing job of sharing everyone's great artwork.
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

My Sunday Photo... Flower and Fauna

I can't believe it's Sunday already! 
Does anyone else have to consult the calendar or phone to check what day it is?
I've just snapped a few new arrivals into the garden this week.
It's been a very misty morning and we've had quite a good downpour. 
The first for a good few weeks... so I mustn't complain and I'm sure the plants are happier for it.
 The raspberry canes are sprouting. 
We'll hopefully be tasting our first raspberries soon.
Here's a little sunshine or as near as we will get today by the look of it.
A gorgeous tulip
I hope you have a great Sunday.
I'll linking up as usual with My Sunday Photo
Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

My Sunday Photo... Sunset

It's that time once again, when spring brings beautiful sunsets.

It's been quite a busy week... so to take a few minutes to stop and appreciate an amazing sunset was perfect. 
I thought I'd also include the obligatory blossom photo for this time of year too.

Have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend.
Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon... when I'm not so busy hopefully!
I'm linking up once again to Photalife with My Sunday Photo.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

My Sunday Photo... The Greater Spotted Woodpecker

The weather has taken a dip during this last week, which has probably come as a sharp shock to all the wild birds who have been preparing to rear their young. 
I've seen many birds visiting our bird boxes and fear that if any of them have produced eggs already then they may well be an added difficulties in rearing their young.
With this in mind, I've made sure that all the feeders and various food have been replenished daily.
This handsome chap (Greater Spotted Woodpecker) is a frequent visitor to the peanut feeder, as well as the suet and mealworm coconut.
 The great spotted woodpecker is a medium-sized woodpecker with pied black and white plumage and a red patch on the lower belly. Males and young birds also have red markings on the neck or head.
It was very kind of him to unfold his wings in order to show you his impressive plumage.

I'm linking up once again to Photalife with My Sunday Photo.
Have a great weekend and thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

My Sunday Photo... Dancing Daffodils and Busy Bee

Hello Everyone,
I'm rather late posting My Sunday Photo today... but better late than ever.
In this part of Bonnie Scotland spring has finally arrived.
The temperatures, whilst not exactly sweltering have risen which has made everything pop.
The bees have started to buzz in their busy sortie from flower to flower.
The tree buds are just about to burst into leaf.
My magnolia is showing promising signs of actually flowering this time and I've actually given the lawn it's first cut!
So all is good in the garden.
Here's my appreciation of the daffodil.

Happy Earth Day to you and thanks for popping by.
I hope to see you again soon.

I'm linking up with My Sunday Photo over at Photalife

Friday, 20 April 2018

Sew Happy... PPF

I haven't picked up a needle or even sewn a button on anything for years, so I had an additional struggle trying to relate to the Make Art That Sells April assignment.
For inspiration I thought I'd take a peak into my old sewing box, which was like opening a treasure chest. 
Since then I've been sketching ever since.
These assignments have certainly taken me on a journey of discovery in more ways than one!
Thanks Lilla Rogers
I even had a play in Photoshop (although the word play maybe stretching things a little) but I've still got so much to learn.
I'm entering this sewing tray for the Make Art That Sells April assignment.
I'll also link up with the Paint Party Friday
Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting an inspiration link.
The sun is shining here, so I'm off out to play! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone

Saturday, 14 April 2018

My Sunday Photo.... Sunset

It's been quite some time since we have seen a sunset.
Today was a fantastic spring day, with a cacophony of birdsong and warm sunshine... just delightful.

To top it all off we were then privileged to see this beautiful sunset.
I have to admit that I never grow tired of looking at this view.
Pure magic!

Let's hope tomorrow is just as good... or is that asking too much?
Whatever... have a great Sunday.
I'm linking up with My Sunday Photo over at Photalife
Thanks for popping by and I hope to see you again soon.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

My Sunday Photo... Breakfast Alfresco

It appears that spring has finally come out of hiding.
Who would have guessed that we could have our Sunday breakfast alfresco.
It's been such a long time since we could do this and it's been greatly missed.
The trouble is that once breakfast is over there are so many jobs to catch up on... so it'll be a busy day.
I'll be linking up (rather later than usual) with My Sunday Photo.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.
Enjoy your Sunday

Friday, 6 April 2018

Highland Coo... PPF

This week I tried drawing with charcoal, which is something that I haven't done since my school days. It was so much fun that I'll definitely have another play soon.
As my regular arty followers know... I'm always trying to loosen my work.
I like everything to be as is and strive for perfection... which can be limiting and always makes for an ultimate let down with finished work.
Sometimes, I'm so tight I'm near to snapping, but working with charcoal was like diving into a warm calm pool totally butt naked!
Sorry getting a little carried away there, but it really was a revelation. 
I kept laughing as I become increasingly blacker! 
Smudges appearing everywhere, but slowly his Highland Coo appeared.
He/She looks quite a character don't you think?

Do you think it's a He or a She.... and what about a name... any ideas?
Have fun everyone and I'll see you again soon

Thank you Eva and Kristin for continuing to host this great inspirational link.
Click here if you'd like join me over there
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